Simple Tips To Make Your Home Feel At Home

Home Decor

Home is a reflection of yourself so feel free to customize it to be you.

You don’t have to create grand adjustments to make your home feel at home; even simple things can make a huge difference! The great thing is that you can customize it the way you want without spending a fortune.

Here are simple decoration tips you can do in your home

Paint different colors in different living spaces

You don’t have to settle using only one color for your home. Make the most intimate space like your room feel special by painting it with your favorite color. For the common living spaces like the living and dining rooms, you can settle with your family on which color to pick.

Hang your personal and family portraits

Who says that it’s cliche to hang your life’s milestones on the walls? You can hang pictures of your family, pet, friends, or even yourself. If you don’t fancy this idea, you can hang your favorite artworks instead.

Arrange the furniture first then add as you go

The common mistake that people do is decorating without considering the space for furniture first. While it’s tempting to put those great decorations, it may result in clutter later on. If you purchase furniture first, you save the space and costs from buying unnecessary decors!

Hang curtains for shade and privacy

Living in a tropical country means a generous amount of sunshine. With curtains, you can minimize the amount of heat coming into your home. The bonus is that you can also have more privacy, which is especially practical if you’re raising a family.

Make it a livable home

One of the most common tendencies of homeowners is making every little detail as tidy as possible but it doesn’t have to be. Make your home somewhere that you can live. While keeping it’s vital to make it aesthetically pleasing, it’s more important to feel at home in your home.

Remember these decorations are just ornaments to make your home a reflection of yourself. The most important thing is still having a durable and affordable home. If you’re looking for homes with these qualities, trust BelleVita.

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