Why I like Singapore BETTER than other countries


I’ve set foot in several countries including UAE, Georgia (Country), Armenia, Palau, Micronesia, and Singapore. Among these countries, the one I wish to visit again would be- Singapore.

Singaproe,Universal Studios, Sentosa

Singapore left a good impression on me, from the moment we landed in the airport up to the last moment of staying there for three days.

Changi Airport has won awards for several years as the “World’s Best Airport” Why not?  

Aside from the fact that it is one of the largest and biggest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia, Changi Airport serves more than 100 airlines flying to 400 cities in around 90 countries and territories worldwide. Each week, about 7,200 flights land or depart from Changi, or, about one every 80 seconds. (Wiki)

It is safe, cozy, and fast. not to mention the amenities and facilities to make traveling easier. There are Skytrain and shuttle buses between terminals which are also connected to the train station. Airport Maps, Singapore Maps with a list of activities to do, variety of dining and shopping options.

Other things I learned about Singapore:

Firstly, Singapore is a small city-state country in SouthEast Asia. The PEOPLE is its main resource as it doesn’t have natural resources, unlike the Philippines. The country recruited talented individuals across the globe like Indians (Builders), and the rest are western people to do business in the country.

Albeit Singapore, is a small country, the houses and the people are properly distributed across the land to avoid congestion in one place.


Singapore is a very diverse country; 3.5% of its population are Malay, Chinese, Indian and other Race. Only 1.5% are Singaporeans.

Another thing that amazed me is that there’s no traffic in Singapore. I never see any traffic enforcer or police officers manning the roads unlike in the Philippines.

How? because cars are way expensive in Singapore. Besides what’s the point of owning a car when you can only drive them for 10 years? Furthermore, public transportation in Singapore is very efficient that you can explore the entire island via Train.


Everyone follows traffic rules. There were instances where there was no car passing or approaching but people wait until the road sign is green.

I’ve seen old folks working in the subway and McDonalds and I thought it’s a bad thing and I almost pitied them. The truth is the government has a program for old folks; generally, the government supports them except for those who have children. The gov’t expects that the children would support their old folks but due to the high cost of living, even their children are also struggling on their own. For the oldies to survive, the gov’t provides a job for them which is good rather than take alms in the street.

Dubai definitely has an outstanding architecture such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, that I couldn’t agree more. While UAE has the tallest building in the world, Singapore is taking its ARTS on their own skyscrapers. The country aims to be a “City in the Garden”. They are now planting more trees and gardens, the roads in Singapore have more space for trees and plants compared to the Philippines. Even the building has trees and plants.

Marina Bay Sands

They say that it is easier to manage Singapore because it is small compared to other countries but I do believe that their Government leader played an enormous part in the order and growth of Singapore. I love my country and I hope our leaders would take Singapore as an example of the community they want to build.

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