Mt. Pulag Escapade – Sea of Clouds

Mt. Pulag Summit

Mt. Pulag ranked as the highest mountain in Luzon and the third highest mountain in the Philippines at 2, 922 meters above sea level. The mountain is famous for its majestic “Sea of Clouds” and the view of Milky Way Galaxy at dawn. Almost hundreds of hikers and mountaineers travel to Benguet just to take a glimpse of this majestic view and I am one of them.

After a long preparation, regular exercise to improve stamina, buying hiking equipment, and pulling out those winter collection from the back of my closet – I am ready to be on top of the world.

Mt. Pulag is known to have the coldest temperature during November, December, and January on its peak season but I will let my worries worry itself.

November 14, 2015, 0630hrs – Touched down Baguio City.

Stopped over at DENR for Mt. Pulag Registration
Stop over at DENR for Mt. Pulag Registration

From Baguio City, we ride a Jeepney going to Bokod, Benguet for registration and orientation at DENR office with a stopover for snacks.

Important note: All visitors are required to secure a permit and undergo a 20-30 mins orientation or briefing before the climb due to the recent death of a 50-year-old woman who had a heart attack while climbing the mountain. Also, It is now a prerequisite to present a medical certificate to assure that all trekkers are fit to climb.

We arrived at the Ranger station around 6:30 PM. I’m not sure what’s the exact temperature it was really cold. As expected in a Filipino culture, the locals are friendly and hospitable. 

The organizers rented a house for us to sleep while the others camped outside. The room was small and five of us had to share the bed but it is better than to freeze outside. They also served a suitable food for the weather such as soup, port stew, and vegetables.  All in all it was a tiring day but exciting.

Bokod Benguet Beautiful Scenery
Bokod Benguet Beautiful Scenery

Wake up call at 10:30 PM

We got a chance to sleep for at least an hour and I woke up shivering from the cold air coming through the open windows. The toilet is located outside so we had to go out to clean ourselves up and prepare for an early trek. It seems easy to say but brace yourselves for the freezing water that may awaken all your senses. 

Hot Coffee was served but it became cold in just a few minutes. After waiting for at least 30 more minutes, we then started our night trek with headlamps on.

We arrived at Camp 2 extension at 0230Am, earlier than the anticipated time. However, our trek for the summit was halted and we were advised to wait until sunrise to avoid congestion at the summit. It was 2:30 am in a vast open field and the wind was blowing cold crisp air with almost freezing temperature around 4 degrees centigrade. I thought we are only going to wait for a couple of minutes but it lasted for two hours. My fingers and feet were all frozen and my body was shaking, I don’t know how I survived but it was a hell of an experience. However, all those trembling and giving up moments disappeared when I saw the sun crossed the horizon – it was magical.

Morning Sea of Clouds

Sunrise and Sea of Clouds
Sunrise and Sea of Clouds

After the sunrise viewing and countless picture-taking, we went down a bit to eat breakfast then trek again to the summit. It was 0700AM and almost everyone who enjoyed the sunrise at the top was trekking down. I expected the trail to be hard but I’m glad it wasn’t, although there were two moderate steep parts and a very long trek.

Mt. Pulag would never disappoint any trekkers – the views along the way are spectacular. I can see clouds moving in front of my eyes! adding to the scenery is the dwarf bamboos which look like tall trees afar, the grassland, mountain slopes and pine trees are such a beauty to behold.

Grassland and sea of clouds
Mt. Pulag grassland and a sea of clouds


We reached the summit at 1100AM. I have conquered Mt. Pulag and I am on top of the world. The weather was windy and cloudy but there’s no way we’re gonna let it get on our way in taking more photos and videos to share and keep. It was one of the most memorable adventures for me wherein I didn’t just conquer another summit but I survived the cold.

I feel proud, overjoyed and blessed. Not everyone can get to see a magical moment like this – the opportunity and joy of accomplishing something out of your comfort zone,  up high in the mountains, conquering your fears, and exceeding your abilities. Nothing can compare to that feeling, it made me appreciate life even more.

Mt.Pulag Escapade with Trekkers at the summit
Mt.Pulag Escapade with Trekkers at the summit

Mt. Pulag Escapade – Sea of Clouds ( Nov 14-15, 2015)


Day 1 (Saturday, Nov 14, 2015)

0100 – ASSEMBLY Shell Gas station Mckinley Corner Edsa – Ayala
0300 – ETD via chartered Bus
0800 – ETA Baguio, board chartered jeep
0830 – ETD Baguio to DENR Bokod (visitor’s center)
1230 – ETA DENR (registration and briefing by mam mereng, Mount Pulag park superintendent)
0130 – ETD DENR to babadak ranger station bokod
0230 – ETA Bokod, present reg fee – camp at the ranger station (prepare dinner etc.)
0730 – Lights out!

Day 2 (Sunday, Nov 15, 2015)

0000 – Wakeup time (Quick breakfast)
0100 – Start Trek!
0230 – Camp 1
0400 – Camp 2
0530 – Summit (Sunrise Viewing)
0700 – Start Descent
0830 – Camp 2
0900 – Camp 3
1030 – Back @ Ranger station (pack up/early Lunch)
1200 – ETD to Baguio
1500 – Baguio / Post climb early dinner
1900 – Victory Liner Terminal/Baguio bus station – Manila-bound bus
2000 – ETD to Manila

Day 3 (Monday, Nov 16, 2014)
0300 – ETA Manila
Expenses – 2800 (all in)


Transportation fee
Registration fee
Guide fee
Dinner Day 1 / Breakfast fast and Lunch Day 2

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