Mt. Batulao – first hike experience and travel opener

Perhaps while everyone is busy marking off their bucket list, I was working my ass off in a night shift because I wanted to save money, provide for my family, buy my own house, car, etc. But it didn’t happen. To tell you honestly, I don’t know where my money went for the past couple of years of working.

In 2014, I finally landed a day job that gave me the opportunity to continue my studies, meet outstanding people and friends that introduced me to a whole new different world. This is also the year where I’ve broken up to my two year relationship and has opened doors of opportunities: to travel, to go out my comfort zone, meet new people, learn new things, and know myself better.

My first ever out of town for the longest year is Boracay. That was February 2014. It was one of the best experience — being with my girlfriends, wandering around, trying new things and seeing life in a whole new perspective. My center universe has changed from him to friends and they have become my oasis. 

First Hike

I started travelling consistently since last year (2015), all thanks to my friend Kristy who is also a travel nomad. She asked me if I wanted to try hiking and I’ve never been so excited. I really wanted to try it since then but I just don’t know how to start and who to go with. Even without the proper gear (God, I wore my classic shoes), I don’t even have a backpack! So I borrowed one, bought food and water, brought a cap and extra shirt then head on.

I specifically told them to bring me to a minor climb but we went to Mt.Batulao in Nasugbo Batangas. According to hikers I spoke to, Mt. Batulao is not for first time hikers because it’s already technical, trails are so slippery, and steep. I had no choice, I can’t back out anymore (ginusto ko to eh!). After the long trek, rappelling — my clothes was filled with dust but I didn’t care, all I wanted was to reach the summit. When you’re in the mountain, your looks won’t matter. The only thing you will think of is how to survive and to reach the summit.

First SUMMIT experience

At the summit, you’ll find yourself looking at the trails you managed to survive and the feeling that you can pass everything moving forward. You’ve come this far to see what’s at the top, how magnificent the world is and meron palang ganito sa pilipinas. We only pass by at this mountains. I always imagined being inside the forest and at the top of it now it has become reality. One list crossed in my bucket list. It is true that when you’re at the top, it’s difficult to go down. I’ve already used all my energy in climbing up and my legs was shaking but I had to keep moving otherwise, I’ll have to sleep in the mountain. Good thing our tour Christian was very helpful. If it wasn’t for him, I won’t be able to reach the summit.

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