Philippine Independence Day in Dubai Parks & Resorts

Dubai Parks & Resorts

On June 12th, we commemorate our independence day from a long regime of Spanish colonization. Filipinos all over the world gather, celebrate and share our country’s history and culture. This year marks the 121st Independence Day of the Philippines which calls  for a long-month festivities & celebration.

There are thousands of OFWs who live and work here in UAE and we are lucky to be in the melting pot of West Asia where other cultures, religion, and history are also being celebrated. Seeing the colors of Philippine National Flag light up in Burj Khalifa-the tallest building in the world brings enormous joy and pride to all Filipinos out here. Too bad I didn’t see it personally but I am grateful and proud as a Filipino.

Philippine Independence Day 2019

Dubai Parks & Resorts

There are numerous activities and events that Filipinos can choose from; Some of my friends head out to Dubai Festival City for the laser and light show while others decided to watch a concert & fashion show in Dubai World Center. Well I got a discounted ticket for Dubai Parks & Resorts at Dh39 only from the original price of Dh245. This offer is only available from June 12-15 in commemoration of Philippine Independence Day. At 39AED, we get to enjoy three theme parks; Legoland, Motiongate, and Bollywood parks.

We arrived before 12:00 PM coming all the way from Ajman. The temperature is about 36°C, too hot to bear and without my mini pink umbrella – I will not survive. I came prepared with water and  camera hoping to get more content. I said, I came prepared but I never expect that it will be too excruciating; in less than 30 minutes, I bath myself with sweat, Kilay is gone, and everything feels sticky.

Best Advise

Come visit from November to February as the weather is still cold so you could enjoy the open space and the rides.

How to go to DPR?

Dubai Parks & Resorts is located in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite Palm Jebel Ali (Visit the site Here). It is far from Dubai downtown, not accessible via Train but there are taxis and buses you can take. We took a cab from DPR to IBN Batuta Station which cost us Dhs51 divided to 4 persons because our Nol card doesn’t have enough balance. By the way, Nol card would be your all around travel card for Dubai’s Metro, Buses, Water Buses, and Dubai Tram.

From IBN Batuta Mall, you can ride the metro to wherever else you want to go. Dubai Metro is fast & convenient, way better than the MRT & LRT that we have in the Philippines.

The entire Experience

Okay, so where we should go first? As for first timers, we don’t know which theme to visit first so we go right where there seems to be fewer people – Motiongate. In Motiongate, people are starting to fall in line and so we follow the crowd. It is an open space with no shed but the people in front & behind you or the umbrella if they came prepared – which most of them are not. It was 12:30 PM and the park will open at 1:30 PM. Even with umbrella, I could not bear to wait till it opens so we tried to find a place where we can stay for a bit.

All cafes and restaurants are full and no space to sit or accommodate the four of us; some people are taking shed below the bridge, in the restroom, outside the restroom, anywhere that has a cover. Going to Bollywood parks, there are cafes and restaurants as well but we take rest in Costa Coffee for a while because I feel that I will collapse if I don’t rest.

Costa Coffee Shop - DPR
Costa Coffee Shop – DPR

1. Bollywood Parks

At 3:00 PM, the temperature is still hot (lol) but a bit bearable. We started taking photos in Bollywood parks; Rajmahal Theatre, wander in colorful streets of Bollywood boulevard & Mumbai Chowk.

Bollywood Parks - DPR
Bollywood Parks – DPR
Bollywood Parks
Shops @ Bollywood Parks – DPR

2. Legoland

Definitely all kids and young at heart will enjoy the attractions in Legoland. Unfortunately, the place is too crowded so we just take a look and head to Irish Village. Check out the attractions in Legoland here.

3. Motiongate

Motiongate is our last stop. From Irish village, you can ride a mini train for free going to Motiongate or Bollywood. There are rides to take you from one point to another which costs 10AED if you are lazy to walk.

For teens and adults alike, Motiongate is where you will enjoy the most. It is where the cool stuff is: the rides, games, etc. There’s a Michael Jackson performance as well.

To sum it up…

Despite the heat, I had fun and enjoy the place. I got good photos and if there’s a car, ticket is on sale, and weather is good – I would visit again.

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