How I broken up with procrastination

Bad Habit

Be careful of your actions, for they will become habits.

According to Wikipedia, A bad habit is a negative behavioral pattern and the amount of time it takes to break a habit is generally between 18 and 254 days. Procrastination seems to be the most common habit of people, we Filipino’s call it “mamya na nga” habit or in English “I’ll do it later”.

With the advent of information technology where almost everything had been made accessible at our fingertips, we tend to spend more time browsing our phone, scrolling Facebook feed, and checking our social media/networking accounts. I’m one of those people who got hooked up not only with social media but with Korean novellas as well. I was having the best time of my life without noticing that I’m already procrastinating and wasting a lot of time.

Procrastination at its finest…

There are a lot of things going on in my life and yet, I still managed to watch Korean novellas. (Fantastic isn’t it? haha) My tasks piled up and the list is overflowing but I didn’t care; I had to complete the episodes or if not, I won’t be able to sleep. It got me to a point where I spent my whole weekend just lying on my bed watching the entire 50 episodes and only got up if I needed to pee or  buy food. Crazy isn’t it?

Furthermore, I also failed to attend mass (for Catholic worship) because I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen of my laptop. (I already asked for forgiveness). During work hours, I always feel sleepy and spent my lunchtime taking naps in the quarter, I couldn’t focus and failed to submit my assignments/projects for my UNI. After completing one novella, I couldn’t stop myself from jumping to another great story. It messed up all my activities and scheduled tasks. I know it’s not right and I had to stop it right away so I took the time to search for ways on how I can end this madness.

My goal:   To break my bad habit in three weeks.

5 Steps I carried out:

  1. Start small
  2. I removed the website bookmarks on my computer so I won’t see it whenever I open my laptop.
  3. I lessened the time up to 1-hour maximum spending in social media.
  4. Set a daily plan of activities and allocated time to study.
  5. Organized my tasks according to their priority (Urgent and important)
  6. Follow the plan in 2-4 weeks. 


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  1. This is really helpful. I also have a long time relationship with procrastination! I just can’t seem to let it go but i know i have to. You’re right, start small and make it a habit.

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