Singapore’s top attractions to visit for first timers.


Singapore is the only island city-state in the world and dubbed as the Lion City in Southeastern Asia. Why Singapore?  If you’re planning for a short holiday or getaway and a two hour flight away from the Philippines, then look no further. Aside from its accessibility, Singapore is also a convenient land in crossing Malaysia; It’s like hitting two birds with […]

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5 Reasons why Filipino women should learn KALI


Wondering how would you escape a hold up scene? Or how to protect yourself from monsters who wants to rape you? These are common scenarios, us women don’t have a control with. We are often perceive as weak and inferior to men. Notice that most instigator of crimes are men and these people sees women as their first target because […]

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Small things can make a big difference

“Together is better” The gentle wind awaken us, it was Saturday morning on the 26th of august at exactly 5:00 AM. Lying longer on the bed wasn’t our priority as we should be prep up for the long day ahead. The rain was pouring heavily but that didn’t bother us; our mind was focused on the mission to accomplish. Today […]

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Celebrating my 25th year in EL NIDO

Big Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan

Time runs so fast. Yesterday, I was just a teen wanting to graduate right away to get a decent job. It’s true that as we get older, we won’t even notice the time. We will be busy working, trying to be successful, getting that dream job, and building our own family. I’ve now reached the time where I question the […]

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Boracay: Beach and party paradise

Boracay Philippines

White sugary sand beach and fun exciting activities! Boracay Island is situated off the northwest corner of Panay Island. The stunning and exquisite pictures you’ve seen are likely from the White Beach – the main tourism beach which is a four kilometers of white chalky sand and is lined with shops, resorts, hotels, and restaurants to dine in. First week […]

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Synopsis of my 2015

year 2015

As the bus move along Edsa, trying to escape this traffic jam, I’m caught between nostalgia and boredom. My mind started to drift in the year about to end, pondering how it has been. Years easily gone by and there are things in our lives we wish we could change, moments where we find ourselves wishing for more. While my […]

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Hulugan Falls (Hidden waterfall of Laguna)

Laguna Waterfalls, Hulugan Falls

Laguna is not only known as the birthplace of our national hero but it ‘s a home of many hidden wonders. Hulugan falls is one of the hidden wonders of Laguna. It is Located in San Salvador, Luisiana. Lusiana is being portrayed as the little Baguio because of its zigzag road and elevation.

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Mt. Pulag escapade (Reaching the clouds)

After a long preparation; regular exercise to improve stamina, buying hiking equipment, and pulling out those winter collection from the back of our closets. We are all ready to conquer Mt. Pulag – the highest mountain in Luzon and the third highest mountain in the Philippines at 2, 922 meters above sea level.  The mountain is famous for its majestic […]

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Breaking my “BAD” habit


How I ended my relationship with procrastination. Be careful of your actions, for they will become habits According to Wikipedia, A bad habit is a negative behaviour pattern and the amount of time it takes to break a habit is generally between 18 and 254 days. My bad habit is procrastination. With the emerging world of information technology where social media is the […]

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