Weekend Getaway with Honestbee

Weekend Getaway with Honestbee

Sun’s Up!

Every summer our family goes out of town for a little getaway. It is our way of unwinding and bonding with each other. We are always thinking of ways to beat the heat and we usually end up heading for the beach or find a resort pool for the weekend to cool ourselves down. Not everyone has the means to travel to another country with cooler weather and so we make the most out of it.

Before we embark on our trip, I make sure that we have everything that we need. I’m a very organized person so I like to keep a list of what we should bring. A few items on the list include sunscreen, toiletries, and food. I ordered these a few days ahead of Robinsons Selection on Honestbee’s grocery delivery app and got it in a breeze.

The packages were delivered safely and because I was able to spend a minimum of P2,500 I got free delivery, too. I was able to find everything on my list and more. I got some snacks and juices for the kids, bread, water, fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and even some alcohol. It was important that we pack enough food. We don’t want to ruin our trip with an upset stomach. I also bought paper plates and disposable cutlery and medication, just in case.

Our outing was enjoyable because we had everything we needed – from music to the food, good company, and cool waters. Needless to say, Honestbee offered a hassle-free shopping the experience that my family will continue to use.

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