Reunited after 8 years

Reunited with family

The main goal and the dream

I do believe that dreams come true and that God listens. I decided to work in the UAE for greener pasture and a goal to unite my family. Like most Filipinos, my mom went abroad to work with her brother and hoping to alleviate us from debt and save. However, things turn out differently and our family was almost get broken. To save my parents relationship and to help my uncle, I let them go to Micronesia which allowed me to work outside the country as well. To cut the story short, I am now here in UAE and my family was in Micronesia. My mom wasn’t feeling well all the time so we were extremely worried. We have then decided that it’s time for them to go home.

Reunited at last!

Reunited with family
Finally reunited with Fam

Last August, all of us went home to Philippines to be reunited and spend time together. Their flight got suspended due to airport issues which stressed me a lot. I had booked a hotel for all of us with no cancellation policy but because of the delay, I had to stay there alone.

Airbnb Room
Airbnb Room

I spent most of my time in my Airbnb room which is by the way a hotel like with unlimited Netflix. I processed all the important papers and government stuff while waiting for them in a week. Although I wasn’t able to meet all of my friends, I had dinner with the gurls.

Friends (GLS)

Going home..

After two days in Manila, it was time to see our old house and relatives in Bicol. Despite the stress and being tired, I was so excited not only for me but for my mom. She hasn’t been home for almost eight years and I could only imagine how excited she is to see her brothers and sisters. She had lost two siblings while she was away and I just want her to be happy. I was always told that I’m a selfish brat since childhood though deep in my heart – I know it’s not true because I always think and consider my family but I also believe that I should help myself first so I could help them.

Above all.

I have learned a lot during that short vacation. A lot of things had happened which I didn’t expect but I remain strong. One thing that I learned about myself is the fact that I never imagined that I could be selfless. All those times, I only think about making others happy. I have never thought that I am capable of that kind of love and it’s priceless. (I’m literally crying while writing this)

God is good. He makes everything possible and I have crossed-off one goal in my list this year. Next is our house – the construction is ongoing. Due to the inflation, the materials are really expensive and I have spent thousands of pesos already within a short period of time but God is good and he will provide.

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