My list of activities for the year 2016

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Time is Money. 

This saying sum up what I’ve learned in the year 2016 and this two-word is fundamental for most of us.

Time. I turned 25 this year and I’ve been stressing myself thinking that I only have a few years to do all the things I want to do. I told myself that I have to marry when I turn 28. Crazy isn’t? I know right, and I’m not even in a relationship. Furthermore, I felt lost, stuck and anxious. I think that I’m not getting any progress or not moving forward. They call it quarter-life crisis and yes, I had it this year.

Lesson: Breath. Read. Pray. And enjoy your own journey. Never rush but never be complacent.

Money. I love adventures and travelling and it is like a nicotine in my body that is hard to resist and so I traveled. I guess, a bit more to what I can afford. This is a slap truth and I’m telling you now because I don’t want you to commit the same mistake.

Lesson: SAVE! Value your work that gives you paid leaves and salary to travel. Separate your travel fund to your emergency funds and Bills.

Let me share what’s my 2016 like and how I spent my time and money this year.

My list of activities for the year 2016

Jan 02                          Puerto Galera – Kristy and Russell

Jan 23                          Off the grill – Kristy and Russell

Feb 08                         Chinese New Year with the Gang

Feb 10                          UP Fair – Kristy & Saye

Feb 14                          Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Anilao Beachm and Tagaytay City – Trailseekers

Feb 24                          Bunk – kristy and Abie

Feb 28                          Splash Island – Ja, Kristy, Abie & sis Lag-it

March 6                       Burbees bar – Frio & kristy

March 5                       IVolunteer Expo

March 28 -29              Caluguas Island

April 24                        Laguna

May 30-31                   Naga City

June 11                         Completed TESOL

June 18                        Coralview Bataan CAteambuilding

July 13-16                    El Nido, Palawan

July 23                         Reunited with my Best Friend (Shell Residences)

August 1-3                   SINGAPORE – Mae

August 4-6                  Boracay – Brian & Mae

August 10                    Bought my own domain. and started my blog

SEPTEMBER              I started training KALI

Sept 16                         Weekend staycation with Cats (BSA Twin Towers)

October 11                   Payatas Volunteering with UPOU students

October 27                   AAOU

November                    Quarter life Crisis Episodes

December 09               PTK Xmas Party

December 29               PTK Year End Party

December 30               Dad and Sis flight to Palau

December 31                New Year with Kristy

These are the activities I remember and have noted down. I might have forgotten something or chose not to disclose but pretty much my year got all covered.


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