Liking someone from a distance

Liking someone from a distance

Why do they call it a crush?

When you started to like someone, you wanted them to be part of your life and be part of their life. You want to know what they’re up to and how their day was – you want to be connected with them. There is an electrifying wave attracting every cells in your body summoning all your thoughts toward that person.

I started to feel this longing again, the want – to be close to you. It’s not necessarily mean an intimate relationship rather to get to know you. You are a mystery that I want to unravel. Albeit I couldn’t bring myself to start a conversation as if there’s a wall between us but the friendly smiles and nods brings joy to my day and you seem to lighten up my mood in every possible way. You might not be aware of this and I want to keep it that way.

Attraction plays a large part toward relationship. You see, I don’t really date people I am not attracted to and same goes for everybody. Attraction doesn’t only mean physical but most of the time – it starts there. Being single for almost four years and after dating couple of guys in the past, I can say that physical appearance is just an added bonus. I now agree with the statement that beauty and hot body can’t make a man stay so same goes with men.

What I like about liking someone or being attracted to someone is its ability to influence my mood and emotion. You see, it’s not so bad for me. I get inspired to write poems, or anything under the sun while daydreaming. It’s unrequited but it’s not love yet – only attraction, admiration, or infatuation.

There’s that unique feeling to every person we meet along the way and there’s always a reason why. I believe that our past is connected to our future. So, I’m glad that our path have crossed and thank you for the simple nods and smiles.

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