Ajman Color Run 2018

Ajman Color Run

Ajman is the smallest Emirate in the UAE.  It only composed of 361,160 (2013) population but despite its size, there’s plenty of things to do here and living expenses is way cheaper compared to Dubai.

Most people would think that everyone works in Dubai but that’s not the case. Our office is located in Ajman which about 45 minutes from Dubai. This allows us to rent a flat which is bigger than the regular two bedroom condos in Manila.

Typical Day in Ajman

Fridays are not just a typical day here in UAE because it is considered our weekend. Most offices are closed while malls and establishments normally open late in the day and close late in the evening.

Today isn’t my regular Friday off because I took a week leave to rest and relax. These past few months have been grueling and worn me out. Aside from that, my final exam would be tomorrow so I had to study. To be honest, my week off was spent on reading and studying only.

So when I heard about the color fun, I asked for free tickets right away haha. I couldn’t be more excited because finally, I’m gonna be doing something different this week.

The location

The location is just one taxi away – it is near Ajman Beach.

Ajman Color Run_Location

I wasn’t expecting too much – all I want is to sweat a lot during the color run BUT instead, it turned to be a sweet pabebe run. LOL.  though, it was still a great experience for first timers like us.

Ajman Color Run_Friends

The color run was joined by adults and kids alike. It started at 5:00 PM which is still a bit hot.


Kids pouring the color powder on their faces.

Ajman Color Run_Kids

It was a quick run which only lasted for a few minutes. We were not even tired yet. haha. We hit the finish line, get our medals for souvenirs, and the free water.

Ajman Color Run_Medal

After taking more pictures, we stayed inside to take more photos and check out the booths.

The end…

Ajman Color Run Finish Line

It was a short yet fun experience; we then realized that our stomachs are growling because of hunger so we decided to stop by at the city center to eat at Jollibee.

till next time… 🙂


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