5 Reasons why Filipino women should learn KALI


Wondering how would you escape a hold up scene? Or how to protect yourself from monsters who wants to rape you?

These are common scenarios, us women don’t have a control with. We are often perceive as weak and inferior to men. Notice that most instigator of crimes are men and these people sees women as their first target because we are vulnerable. Those who experienced it, ended up shaking in terror, crying, and traumatized.

Whenever I open a television, be it in the news or programs like SOCO or Imbestigador, I often see women being abducted, raped, etc. and because of this, I always feel conscious about my safety. Although I have a strong faith that God is always watching and protecting me, but I feel the need that I have to do something for myself. The thought of not being able to do something in an unforeseen situation is already terrifying. Of course, we always pray that God would forbid it to happen.

Crime can be anywhere, that’s the reality. Regardless of our gender, us women should learn how to protect ourselves because there are a lot of people depending on us.

Here are five reasons why Filipino women should learn Kali:

  1. Kali is a Filipino Martial Arts style that focuses on the ability to smoothly transition from fighting with weapons to empty hands. This is important for women like us, coz we don’t carry weapons all the time.
  2. Kali training methods will increase your empty hand skills by revving up the elements of coordination, perception, and awareness.
  3. This system will teach you the ability to pick up and use everyday objects such as umbrella, pen, bottle, chair etc. and use them to your advantage.
  4. Furthermore, Kali will teach you to utilize anything and everything to your advantage in any situation that will arise. The confidence that you will feel is incomparable knowing that you can protect yourself. 
  5. You will learn the virtue of humility, patience and perseverance. Just like any other martial arts, this is no joke but it is fun and interesting.

Perhaps you’ve seen the video of Anne Curtis training Kali, it’s just a glimpse, there’s more to it. 

Pekiti-Tirsia Kali

Kali existed a long time ago and used by Filipinos to protect our country from invaders. It has been used until now by our military and special forces.  If you’ve watched the Bourne Identity movies, Mission Impossible 4 and Resident Evil – they all used Kali. Amazing isn’t it? It’s not only good in camera but it is proven to be effective in real life situations.

The famous Filipino Kali practitioner I heard about from our instructor is Leo T. Gaje. He is the “PTK Grand Tuhon (Grand master)and the present Keeper of the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System.

Should you wish to learn Kali, you can either be an associate or initiate member. I am currently an associate member but wishes to become an initiated member so I could learn all the facets of the system; from knives, guns and improvised weapons. 

Anyone of you who’s interested to learn this Filipino Martials Arts, you can comment here or send me a message and I can organize an appointment with our Guro Bob Rodriguez.

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