Philippine Independence Day in Dubai Parks & Resorts

Dubai Parks & Resorts

On June 12th, we commemorate our independence day from a long regime of Spanish colonization. Filipinos all over the world gather, celebrate and share our country’s history and culture. This year marks the 121st Independence Day of the Philippines which calls  for a long-month festivities & celebration. There are thousands of OFWs who live and work here in UAE and we […]

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Why First Central should be your First Choice?

Are you looking for an affordable accommodation yet cozy, has complete amenities, and near to Dubai’s top attractions and malls? First Central Hotel Suites is what you’re looking for.  This hotel is ideal for those looking for a long stay accommodation in Tecom, Dubai. The services and facilities available are suitable for business people and tourists alike. Their suites include […]

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Ajman Color Run 2018

Ajman Color Run

Ajman is the smallest Emirate in the UAE.  It only composed of 361,160 (2013) population but despite its size, there’s plenty of things to do here and living expenses is way cheaper compared to Dubai. Most people would think that everyone works in Dubai but that’s not the case. Our office is located in Ajman which about 45 minutes from Dubai. This […]

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The journey to UAE


The month of March is truly a memorable month for me (and I guess for my batchmate here in UAE) not just because my sister was born in this month but it is when our journey to UAE started. Let me tell you a story… I never dreamed of working abroad but when my mom left in 2010 to help […]

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Euroasia: Georgia & Armenia Preparation

I filed a vacation leave in July dated 8-15 of December 2017 not knowing what I’m going to do or where I would go. I just started working in UAE and I am glad to hear that I could file a vacation leave anytime within the contract period. UAE is situated between central Asia, Africa, Europe, and the central part of […]

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Why I like Singapore BETTER than other countries

I’ve set foot in several countries including UAE, Georgia (Country), Armenia, Palau, Micronesia, and Singapore. Among these countries, the one I wish to visit again would be- Singapore. Singapore left a good impression on me, from the moment we landed in the airport up to the last moment of staying there for three days. Changi Airport has won awards for […]

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Singapore’s top attractions to visit for first timers.


Singapore is the only island city-state in the world and dubbed as the Lion City in Southeastern Asia. Why Singapore?  If you’re planning for a short holiday or getaway and a two hour flight away from the Philippines, then look no further. Aside from its accessibility, Singapore is also a convenient land in crossing Malaysia; It’s like hitting two birds with […]

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Celebrating my 25th year in EL NIDO

Big Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan

Time runs so fast. Yesterday, I was just a teen wanting to graduate right away to get a decent job. It’s true that as we get older, we won’t even notice the time. We will be busy working, trying to be successful, getting that dream job, and building our own family. I’ve now reached the time where I question the […]

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