What’s your 2019 like?

What's your 2019 like?

“In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got.” ― Flannery O’Connor, Wise Blood As the year-end approaches, I’m becoming nostalgic about everything in my life. A lot of questions are popping out in my head; where will I be in the years ahead? What will I be like? At 28 years old – I pretty much haven’t figured out what […]

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Sentro 1771: Modern Filipino Cuisine


Just like home! The one thing that you will utter when you enter Sentro 1771. The classy interiors, warm lightning, and cozy ambiance is enough to make you feel relaxed – a home like feeling and a perfect place for dinner not only for couples but for the entire family. Sentro 1771 will not only give you the mood and native vibe but they also […]

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The Best Breakfast Food You Could Get 24/7

Denny's Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should also be the best. But who says you can only have breakfast food in the morning? These food are appropriate for any time of the day. Denny’s Grand Slamwich takes the throne for “Best Breakfast Sandwich”. Two scrambled eggs, crumbled sausage, bacon pieces, shaved […]

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Reunited after 8 years

Reunited with family

The main goal and the dream I do believe that dreams come true and that God listens. I decided to work in the UAE for greener pasture and a goal to unite my family. Like most Filipinos, my mom went abroad to work with her brother and hoping to alleviate us from debt and save. However, things turn out differently […]

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Weekend Getaway with Honestbee

Weekend Getaway with Honestbee

Sun’s Up! Every summer our family goes out of town for a little getaway. It is our way of unwinding and bonding with each other. We are always thinking of ways to beat the heat and we usually end up heading for the beach or find a resort pool for the weekend to cool ourselves down. Not everyone has the […]

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An Open Letter to My Mother


If someone would ask me, “What is your greatest wish or dream?” I would answer without any delay or hesitation – to spend more time with my family especially with my Mom. Mom, They say that mothers would do anything for their children. You’re no different. I once detest your kindness and compassionate heart whenever you give your own food […]

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Ajman Color Run 2018

Ajman Color Run

Ajman is the smallest Emirate in the UAE.  It only composed of 361,160 (2013) population but despite its size, there’s plenty of things to do here and living expenses is way cheaper compared to Dubai. Most people would think that everyone works in Dubai but that’s not the case. Our office is located in Ajman which about 45 minutes from Dubai. This […]

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The journey to UAE


The month of March is truly a memorable month for me (and I guess for my batchmate here in UAE) not just because my sister was born in this month but it is when our journey to UAE started. Let me tell you a story… I never dreamed of working abroad but when my mom left in 2010 to help […]

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The struggle of an OFW slash online student


It has been five grueling months and I manage to survive the demands of work and studies. The stress on handling customers and understanding the processes, as well as the time constraints on my studies has taken its toll on my face. I had breakouts that caused more stress nevertheless, the game is still on. There are moments where I […]

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An open letter to my 12 yr. old sister PART 1


It was a summer of 2004, I was 13 years old, on my second year in high school – just turned adolescent. I knew nothing and unprepared when you came. You looked like a boy, so small and fragile with pale yellowish skin just like mine. There were thick skin on your scalp that has to be removed so they […]

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