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“What we should long for and constantly fight for is authenticity – it’s the best way of knowing who we really are”.

I am fond of writing and I write different stuff, mostly experiences and poems. I created this blog as a journal or diary to account my journey as a working student, also to share my travel experience, and life adventures.

For others who know my life story, they would say that I can write to ma’am Charo at the MMK program. I don’t live a grand life; I started from scratch and I take credit for where I am now. The struggles made me stronger but I still have a lot to learn from life because learning is a continuous process.

My mom used to tell me that I dream big time and that I might get disappointed someday, but like what I used to do – I never listened to her (kidding!). I dream big time to the point that it scares me sometime, but looking back to where I started, I firmly believe that anything is possible if you put your mind into it. So I don’t allow life circumstances to prevent me from doing what I want and achieving my dreams. I will treasure every moment outside my comfort zone, out in the forest, at the top of the mountains, and beautiful beaches.

Follow me on my adventures and don’t be afraid to dream big.



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